Vision & Mission

Euro-Asia Forum has several objectives:

  • Build a diverse global community of researchers, policy makers, academics, journalists, consultants, and practitioners and search for forward-looking and innovative solutions to the problems faced by Euro-Asia region,
  • Provide a platform for discussion that would lead to better understanding of global, regional, and industry agendas and problems,
  • Create shared experiences for learning and dialogue,
  • Explore opportunities for cooperation,
  • Advance mutual understanding and collaboration between researchers/government officials of Asia and Europe through intellectual and cultural exchanges,
  • Promote interest in empirical/theoretical research focusing on the Euro-Asia region,
  • Develop networks that help strengthen Asia-Europe relations,
  • Setting up platforms for shared learning experiences and the exchange of ideas. These include conferences, lectures, workshops, and seminars,
  • Promote independent academic debate by providing non-confrontational setting in its meetings which also gives conference participants an opportunity to hear directly from top policy-makers or experts in their fields.